Wet Rot

What is Wet Rot?

Wet rot (Coniophora Puteana) is a fungus that feeds on and breaks down the cell walls within the timber it attacks. This results in the timber losing its strength, softening then breaking apart. Wet rot is often visible on external timber joinery where the protective coating has been allowed to fail due to poor maintenance, high levels of rainwater are present then wet rot begins. However wet rot can go undetected within a building e.g., under floors, behind walls or in roof spaces especially at wall head level. The source of this hidden wet rot could be leaking pipes, failed leadwork or rainwater goods.

Evidence of Wet Rot

A damp or musty smell can give evidence of wet rot along with black staining on the timber. Wet rot thrives in a wet environment with approx. 50% moisture content. Due to the strength of structural timbers being compromised by this and the timber softening this may cause sagging or distortion of roofs, also internal suspended floors may give evidence of weakening.

Wet rot (Coniophora Puteana) in floor.

Wet rot (Coniophora Puteana) in floor.

Wet rot in external timber window.

Wet rot in external timber window.

How Wet Rot should be treated

Wet rot grows where there is a constant source of water. This could be due to a number of reasons e.g., water ingress from a poorly maintained roof or an internal leaking pipe. Once the source of the water is identified and stopped the wet rot will stop. However due to often being hidden from view it’s likely that the affected timber will have decayed to a point beyond repair. Therefore, all affected timber will need to be cut out and replaced with suitable new timber. To ensure the affected area of your property is reinstated to an excellent condition please contact Premier Preservation Scotland Ltd. We will carry out an extensive survey to identify all affected areas then advise on the best treatment along with all remedial works.

As an approved Sovereign contractor, we have access to a large range of treatments. These specialised wet rot treatments along with any necessary remedial works are carefully carried out by our experienced technicians and joinery team.

All works undertaken by Premier Preservation Scotland Ltd are covered by an insurance backed 10-year guarantee, giving you additional peace of mind.

What our customers say ...

Highly recommend Andrew, easy to deal with and explained the whole process, was always quick to reply with any questions I had. Clean and tidy and his work was spot on.
Paul, Banff

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